Bob Wheeler

Bio: I am not exactly an "ivory tower theologian." While I do possess academic degrees (A.A., Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania; B.A., History, Eastern Mennonite College; M.A.R., Theological Studies, Westminster Theological Seminary) I have spent most of my adult life working at a variety of secular jobs, in addition to serving in the U.S. Army in Viet Nam and Germany. I was raised in a suburban housing development, spent several years living in inner city neighborhoods in Philadelphia, and currently reside in a rural community in north central Pennsylvania. Over the years I have had the opportunity to become personally acquainted with churches and schools of several different Christian denominations. All of this has given me the opportunity to observe and think through life's issues. Author: The Case for Evangelical Christianity: Why Biblical Christianity Still Makes Sense in the 21st Century The Road to Heaven: A Practical Guide to the Faith of Our Fathers

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